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Calico Critters Oakwood Home

2011 October 24

Calico Critters Oakwood HomeThe Calico Critters Oakwood Home is the latest house in Cloverleaf Corner and a wonderful addition to the range of Calico Critters Houses available.

Calico Critters Oakwood Home

The Oakwood Home features 3 floors to fill with critters and accessories. The design is straight forward and there are no dividers to make separate rooms on each floor.

While this might seem a negative point, for certain children who like to arrange things their way, the lack of divider means they have more room to move.

With toys this small the separate room layout can sometimes mean hands can’t fit in the spaces easily. It is also great for younger kids who don’t respond well to fiddly spaces and moving parts.

So in these cases an open layout home works well 🙂

The third floor is removable and the floor piece itself can be used in a couple of different ways.

By laying it next to the open back of the house, it can be used to expand the first floor out and increased the amount of playable floor space. Furniture can then spill out beyond the walls of the house and assume the layout of a larger living or play room.

Alternatively you can use the same piece of flooring as a piece of yard. The flooring is designed to look like green grass on the flip side so can fit up against the front of the house and create an outdoor environment for the Critters to play on.

This versatility allows for more space overall as kids can spread the layout beyond the confines of the house but also means you would want to keep this in one space in a child’s room and not have to pack it up each time after play.

The house also comes with a small balcony and 2 movable ladders for easy access to each floor. The inside also has wallpaper so that is a very nice touch and one I would love to see repeated on all future Critter houses.

Overall the Calico Critters Oakwood Home is a nice house for those with younger children or who are looking for an open plan home for their Critters. Those looking for a little more character might be better off with the Deluxe Village House or even the Treehouse.

Calico Critters Oakwood Home Gallery

Where To Purchase

We recommend purchasing the Calico Critters Oakwood Home from because of their great service and free shipping (with a large bulky set like this free shipping is a great deal!).

They also have a wide range of other Calico Critters toys available to purchase at the same time.

You can access the rest of the house reviews via our Calico Critters Home Reviews page.

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