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Calico Critters Houses

The beautiful animals of Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families live in a variety of locations and in a number of different houses.

Calico Critters Houses Range

Other Buildings

Cozy And Fun

In whichever location you choose to house your Calico Critters, you will find a home filled with character and old time comfort.

Generally the houses in this range come unfurnished, a shell that can be filled with furniture sets of your choosing.

There are of course positives and negatives about this approach.

The not so good aspect is that you have an empty shell with no furniture, the upside is that shipping a house unfurnished, enables the prices to be cheaper and also lets you and your child furnish the calico critters houses with pieces that you choose.

Attention To Detail And Durability

The house playsets are generally very well made and last for years.

Parents who have offered feedback on the Calico Critters houses have very few complaints about pieces breaking.

As with most of the Calico Critters range the main danger is of losing pieces as there are so many small detailed accessories in each set that they can easily get lost.

Actual breakages are rare.

Calico Critters houses come in a variety of sizes so you needn’t break the bank with your first purchase but when you are ready to allocate a significant area of your child’s room to the Calico Critters you can find large playsets and houses for these gorgeous animals to play in.