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Calico Critters Country Tree House

2010 July 17

The Calico Critters Treehouse is the biggest playset in the whole Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families toy range, measuring
18 x 16 x 24 inches.

It is also quite unique in that it is not so much a house…but a tree!

Treehouse of Fun

Most Calico Critters have more in common with humans than animals-they live in respectable houses and drive around in cars.

The residents of the Calico Critters Tree House however, seem to be more in touch with their wild animal origins
-or perhaps they just love having fun!

This large treehouse is a mix of comfortable-home and adventure-playhouse, and it’s a combination kids are immediately drawn to.

What Is Included?

The tree house is an irregular shape and obviously takes up a bit of space. It would be best to find a semi-permanent place for it in your home as its not something you can pack up, slip into a cupboard and store other things on top of.

The treehouse has a number of unique features:

  • Four large rooms
  • A hot tub out on one side branch
  • A pagoda out on the other side branch
  • A footbridge linking the pagoda and hot tub
  • A patio area that encircles the entire tree
  • A water slide that winds around the side of the tree
  • A lake with small boat under the tree
  • Windows, doors and balconies
  • Two Mango Monkeys Calico Critters figures

Play Features

As you can see from the pictures there really is a lot of room for furniture and unique spaces for the Critters to entertain and play.

These features really set this house apart from other houses in the range.

You can not only play inside the house but also play around the different areas with a slide, a hot tub and the lower lake area all great locations for extra pretend play.

Kids love this sort of thing and it really opens up the style of play that they can incorporate into the Calico Critters figures. The tree  gives a sense of being amongst nature rather than in a village type atmosphere. Its Magical.

You can imagine fairies living here too!

It’s All In The Details

As with most Calico Critters toys, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Tree House.

There are details like railings, ropes, flowers, leaves, wooden planks on the patio and even a tiny wooden bird house nailed to the side of the tree for visiting native birds to make a home.

Two Calico Critters figures are included with the set, the Mango Monkeys.

These two are really very cute and look just a little cheeky. You can imagine them hanging out in the hot tub together and then zooming down the slide to splash in the water below.

Out of all the Calico Critters houses this is definitely my favorite because of the different spaces it provides, the potential for play and the tree theme, kids love playing in trees!

Country Tree House Overview

Our Rating:

Size: This is a large and unusually shaped house so you want to be able to display and store it in your child’s room without too much fuss. If you have space then you will appreciate the roomy interior and the outside play areas to store furniture and accessories.

Style: I love the style of this house, it is quite unique. Homey, playful and just plain fun. Kids love the look of the house and its magical places.

Durability: Not much else to add here. Typical hard plastic construction you expect from Calico Critters makes this a long lasting toy- Just keep an eye on the bits and pieces. Interest-wise it will last a good many years and see kids through different stages of their childhood.

Where To Find It: We recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer a great service and free shipping on this large item.

You can access the rest of the house reviews via our Calico Critters Home Reviews page.

More Calico Critters Country Tree House Photos

 (Above) The Empty Treehouse

(Above) Accessories Included With The House

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  1. L. Dextradeur permalink
    December 27, 2009


    We love the quality of calico critters. I couldn’t get myself to buy a cheap toy like pretty pony and littlest pet shop that is more fun to look at in the packaging than to play with. However I really broke our budget outfitting our 3 year old with enought furniture and dolls make this fun. If you have th money go for it but plan to spend 400 dollar to get enough of a set. Great quality, so cute and quaint. Much sweeter than a lot of the other crap out there.

  2. September 5, 2012

    Can you tell me the height of the floors? Would Loving Family doll house dolls be able to fit in this too? They are about 6 inches tall. Thanks!

  3. Inger permalink
    September 6, 2012

    I would say that they wouldn’t fit.
    The average height of the Critters is 3.5 inches so the dolls might “just” fit (on a slight angle or sitting down maybe) but it would be very tight.

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