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Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill Review

2011 June 21

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill BoxThe Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill is a playset especially crafted for the Calico Critters babies.

These gorgeous and tiny little animals are some of the most popular characters in Cloverleaf Corner and are always high on my daughter’s list of figures she wants the most.

The Playhouse Windmill is essentially part of an amusement park for the Calico Critters babies and in fact it can be added to other sets to make a bigger set.

The windmill can combine with the Baby Play Park to create a flying fox type ride and you can add a third story to the windmill by adding the Baby Bathroom.

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill

As a stand alone set the Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill includes a bedroom and kitchen and comes with related furniture and accessories (over 20 pieces).

The critter babies can play on a hot air balloon that goes up and down as you turn the flower-shaped lever at the top. The windmill rotates and by turning the blades, children can make the ceiling mobile inside the bedroom rotate.

There is also a slide on the side of the building and various places to play.

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill (Front)

Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill (Back)

Keep in mind the Calico Critters Baby Playhouse Windmill is made for the Critter babies so it is small.

The normal adult sized Critters are certainly small but the babies are tiny. If you are expecting a large playset then take a closer look at the pictures above to get an idea of scale.

The measurements of the house are: 12″ x 12″ x 8.5″

Having said that the compact nature of the set and the detail provided makes this a cute set for kids who are already familiar with the theme and can manage all the small accessories.

The set comes with accessories but includes no figures, though the babies are fairly inexpensive figures to pick up.

We love this set and the beautiful colors combined with the gentle play environment make it ideal for children over the age of three.

Highly Recommended!

Amazon currently has the Critter Townhome at the best price including shipping.

You can access the rest of the house reviews via our Calico Critters Home Reviews page.

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