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Calico Critters Skyride Adventure Review

2017 July 31

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure 1Just when I think Calico Critters can’t get any cuter or more whimsical, along comes the Calico Critters Skyride Adventure.

Join us as we check out this newest addition to the Calico Critters Vehicles line.

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure

Let’s see what’s inside the box:

  • SKYRIDE ADVENTURE: Calico Critters can pack their picnic basket and take an imaginary trip in the sky! Propellers spin and wheels turn.
  • Skyride Adventure seats 3 Critters (not included).
  • INCLUDES: Skyride Adventure features vehicle with rotating tires and propellers, bird, blanket and food filled picnic basket. 
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Skyride measures 6″ x 10″ x 11.5″.

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure parts

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure Review

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure 2Seriously, doesn’t everyone need a Balloon X Bicycle mashup? I just want to hug whoever thought of this set because it has absolutely made my day. It even comes with a bird!

It’s the steam-punk design that draws you in and the football-shaped balloon (stitched with colourful fabric) that adds an extra level of cute/quirk.

The vehicle seats three critters and is surprisingly stable, despite only having three wheels (one of which is tiny) and the ‘huge’ balloon on the top. There is no fear of overbalancing and you can roll this around the floor without fear of it tipping over and spilling the critters out to certain doom.

Two larger critters (mum/dad/big brother/big sister) can sit in the back seat while the front is really only suitable for a baby. Of course you can try and squeeze more critters in but they won’t look as elegant on their sky ride adventure.

There are two propellers, one at the front and one at the rear, and both spin — for extra speed :0)  The wheels also spin. The set comes with a picnic basket (pink), a picnic rug and some snacks to replenish your energy after a big morning cycling over Calico Village.

I highly recommend this set if you are after something to ignite your child’s imagination. Full of whimsy and magic, this bike/balloon reminded me of a flying vehicle form the movie, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.

Skyride Adventure Overview

Our Rating:

Size: Nice size for small hands to grasp.

Style: I just love the imagination that has gone into this vehicle and know it will inspire children to think up their own whimsical adventures.

Durability: Sturdy and won’t tip over easily

Where To Find It: We recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer a great service and free shipping on this item.

Calico Critters Skyride Adventure Box

Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse Review

2016 July 18

Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse Image 3The Calico Critters range continues to grow through 2016. The latest theme for the series emphasises seaside fun, and this new Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse is no exception.

I have to admit I have a thing for ‘nature based’ playsets. As a child the Star Wars Ewok Village playset was my favorite toy and one I coveted for many years (to be honest I could see the Critters quite at home in that set too!). The Calico Critters Treehouse playset was one of my favorite sets from the last few years, closely followed by the larger Treehouse Playhouse.

The Calico Critters brand, being set amongst nature hasn’t shied away from depicting natural settings in plastic – something which has the potential to look rather tacky. But like everything this brand does, they do it with style.

So let’s take a closer look at the Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse.

Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse
Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse Image 1

The Island Playhouse retails for $49.99, measures 12“ x 83/4” x 15″and comes with a few accessories; including a couple of pieces of furniture, a fish and swim fins and goggles.

The main appeal of the Island set is a playhouse design that sits amongst a natural setting, meaning that the critters can enjoy both indoors and outdoors within the playset. Another advantage of this set is that the ‘indoor’ element can be placed on top of the ’outdoor element or placed beside it. So instead of one tall island, the main pieces can be separated to create two play spaces.

The set does lack in regards to accessories. With Calico Critters playsets we are used to a plethora of tiny add-ons that give the sets hours of playability. This set only comes with a handful of accessories so it is best used in conjunction with other sets – I’d recommend the Seaside Cruiser Houseboat.

Still, as part of a larger collection, or for a first set where a you are looking for a set with a few accessories to potentially misplace, then the Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse has loads of charm, especially for kids who like adventures by the seaside.

You can purchase the set at

Calico Critters Secret Island Playhouse Gallery