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Calico Critters

Calico Critters Reviews

If you are looking for news and reviews of Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families Toys you have come to the right place.

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We collate reviews from online feedback sites to give real feedback from parents about each house, figure, furniture set and accessory in the Calico Critters range.

We then give our own considered opinion on the toys, so you can make an educated decision for yourself.

We even track down some great online deals to get these beautiful critters to you asap.

What Are Calico Critters?

Calico Critters are also known as Sylvanian Families and are available from online retailers and toy stores worldwide like Amazon who offer great prices and shipping.

Calico Critters have been around for decades but continue to appeal to both parents and kids because of their wholesome theme, detailed design and quality construction.

The word “Silvan” means “of the forest”and so the original name, The Sylvanian Family, underscores this toy line’s connections to the natural world.

Who Are The Calico Critters?

The Calico Critters are a group of animals that live in the forest of Cloverleaf Corners.

Each figure is a part of a larger family, generally with two parents and two children and each individual within that family has a distinctive personality described in detail by a personalised biography.

The animals dress as humans do and take part in many of the activities that humans do as well, such as shopping, working and taking care of the family.

In addition the Calico Critters love nature and are often seen out and about in boats, buses or on bicycles enjoying the natural beauty of their world.

Areas within the Calico Critters world include the Village Square, Babblebrook, Appleblossom, Willow Hall and the Treehouse and each is set firmly within a beautiful natural environment. There are no urban areas in Cloverleaf Corners and that is part of their charm.

The world revolves around basic and essential facets of life. Baking bread, caring for children and having adventures are all part of a busy day for the Calico Critters.

Attention To Detail

The Calico Critters range is known for the quality of construction and attention to detail. Each small figure has a movable head, arms and legs and is covered with a plush surface. They wear small, removable clothes that can be swapped between characters.

The furniture and accessories that complement the figures are highly and realistically detailed which, considering their small size, is saying something!

The figures are suitable for ages four and above and will appeal to any young girl or boy with a love for family and nature.

We hope this site will help you appreciate the Calico Critters and make the choice that is right for you.

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