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Sylvanian Families Collector’s Club | Calico Critters

2013 March 6

Sylvanian-Families-Collectors-Club-Magazine-The Sylvanian Families Collector’s Club is based in the UK and is an essential resource for fans of Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters.

Membership is affordable, even for members who live outside of Europe and includes a Certificate of Membership, a Diecast Club Badge, a Sylvanian Shop Woodland Catalogue and 4 full colour Magazines a year for the full year of membership.

In addition each year members receive a free and exclusive pair of figures.

This year members who joined or renewed their membership could choose between the Dante Cat Wedding Couple or the School Sports Day Cheerleaders.

Collector’s Club – Our Perspective

We joined the Sylvanian Families Collector’s club in 2011, as part of my daughter’s eighth birthday present. While I live in Australia (which is probably as far away from London as you could be) the year’s subscription cost £20.00. This cost is the same for anyone outside of Europe.

Sylvanian Families Collector's Club

I was fairly dubious as to the delivery time for the magazine as £20 doesn’t get you far these days, no matter which currency you are using!

But only one week later I received our welcome pack!


Needless to say I was very impressed. It takes Australia Post longer to deliver something from across the country let alone half way around the world. Inside were my daughter’s certificate (complete with membership number), badge, figures and the first of her  magazine issues.

Also included was a welcome letter from Belinda and a beautiful Birthday card that my daughter still has proudly stuck on her wall.


The magazine we receive every few months is worth the price of subscription 10 times over.

Inside are stories, activities, crafts to make, photos of other club members as they travel around the world with their Critters and exclusive competitions just for members.

The stories are beautiful and just as warm as you would expect Sylvanian Families stories to be. The accompanying photos are inspiring and show the figures in natural settings and custom made environments.

We have been informed that the next issue for 2013 will share tips on how the magazine’s art department make their environments so life-like and authentic.

Each issue comes with a craft activity – a crafty mother’s dream. These are not just simple cut and paste routine tasks but genuine skill-building exercises.

Sylvanian-Families-Collectors-Club-Magazine-2Kids are encouraged to make clothes for their figures and (with parental supervision) can fashion dresses, hats and accessories from the included patterns and step-by-step instructions.

Through the club we also have access to unique Sylvanian Families and Calico Critter items, such as those only normally available in Japan.

Highly Recommended

If your family loves Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters then I can’t recommend the Sylvanian Families Collector’s club highly enough.

We have recently renewed for another year and within a week our latest magazine, complete with two more free figures, arrived in our post box.

It’s a great service and will enhance your child’s interactions with their favorite flocked friends.

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  1. Kwihui permalink
    April 9, 2014

    How do I join the membership?

  2. September 12, 2017

    Looks like a great magazine.

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