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Sylvanian Berry Grove School – Calico Critters

2012 July 16

Sylvanian Berry Grove SchoolUPDATE:  The Calico Critters Berry Grove Elementary School is now available in the US for $79.99!

The Sylvanian Berry Grove School (Calico Critters & Sylvanian Families) is the newest school for the enchanting range of small animal figures.

The school is one of the largest so far, with two stories and an open plan which allows small hands to really interact with the building. Let’s take a closer look.

Sylvanian Berry Grove School

The big box comes with the main building of the school already assembled, though you will of course need to arrange all the small bits of furniture and school accessories as well as a few extra features attached to the building itself.

There is a working clock at the front of the classroom and you will need to install batteries (included) but instructions are clear and straight forward.

A bell is also included, so a small piece of string/rope is included to thread through the “clapper”.

Sylvanian Families Berry Grove SchoolSylvanian Berry Grove School AccessoriesYou can also see in the picture above that the ground floor comes in two parts. This feature allows the set to ship for less but also for greater options when storing the set after play. The staircase can also be removed.

After the floor and staircase, then it is just a matter of applying the stickers which, despite the initial frustration, adds a beautiful sense of color and life to the otherwise plain building.

The chairs, table and accessories (books, pens, notebooks, rulers, etc) come in last and then the school is ready for business (or learning as it were).

Sylvanian Berry Grove School
Our Verdict : 4/5 Almost Perfect!

As I mentioned earlier, it’s nice to have such an open plan building. I have loved all the previous schools, but more on an aesthetic, “Aw, Isn’t that cute?!” level than from a functional point of view.

In the smaller Sylvanian Family/Calico Critter buildings, once you have a few squirrels sitting at chairs behind desks, with their fluffy tails sticking out, any sense of fun play is marred by the inevitable knocking over of the figures, time consuming reassembly then ultimate removal of the pieces onto a flat area outside.

With the Sylvanian Berry Grove School there is room for squirrels and more.

I like the working clock as well as the included “teaching clock” which kids can actually use to learn the time and, once they have mastered the art themselves, then teach their “friends” how to do it too.

The bell is the biggest disappointment in an otherwise perfect set- it is made of plastic. Plastic doesn’t “ring”, rather it goes “phat”, rather dully.

Having a metal bell would have been a nice touch but as the company is primarily a “plastics” company I can understand them not making a special metal mould.

As usual no figures are included but this keeps the cost down and kids will most certainly enjoy sending their existing friends to school.

Where To Buy The Set

Overall the set is well worth the money.

Currently it is only available in the UK and can be purchased from and shipped overseas for a nominal amount (especially when combined with other items).

Keep in mind, if you live outside Europe the VAT Tax is removed from the purchase price, saving you an additional 16%!

If you live in the UK shipping for this large item is free. have a wide range of other Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters toys available to purchase, though not all are available to ship overseas.

If you are unsure, simply add the item to your cart and go through the checkout process (stopping before confirmation). If the set can’t be shipped to your address you will be notified.

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