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Calico Critters Preschool

2011 February 8

The Calico Critters Preschool is a small building that comes with four figures and a number of accessories that allow children to recreate daycare and preschool days with their small and lovable Critter family.

As parents we know how much kids like to pretend play school scenarios and understand it is one way they can make sense of a large part of their lives. This set allows them to do that in a safe and nurturing environment.

Designed to be played with straight out of the box the Calico Critters Preschool or Calico Critters Cloverleaf Corners Mainstreet Preschool (which is it’s rather elongated full name) is a wonderful way to add to an existing environment your child has created or one of the ways you can introduce the line to kids without breaking the bank.

Lets take a look at the set.

Calico Critters Preschool

Balance of Playset, Figures and Accessories

Most significantly, the set comes with four Critter figures, three young baby/toddler students and one larger critter who is their teacher.

The figures included with the set are:

  • Dillion Foxwood Fox
  • Tristen Timbertop Bear
  • Amy Foxwood Fox
  • Miss Dianne Darling (Cat)

As part of the preschool environment the accessories included include toys, musical instruments and sleeping materials (sounds like my perfect day!).

A complete list of the included accessories:

  • The main building
  • Piano and piano stool
  • Three mattresses and three pillows (shaped like a critter head)
  • Plastic Toys: duck, rabbit, dog, truck, drum, two drumsticks, bear-jack in the box,
  • Paper Accessories: 2 boxes decorated with toy images and three books

Fun From The Word “Go”

It is hard to think of a set  in the Calico Critters range that offers this much playability straight out of the box, particularly for the price. Kids can set up the school building and it’s accessories and then interact with the four figures for hours.

Given that the baby/toddler figures are some of the most popular figures in the series then you have a very successful combination. These three babies don’t disappoint, they ooze cuteness and it will be hard for young fingers to resist.

The building is small enough to be a part of a larger town play environment but large enough so that children can use it’s open back set without knocking things over all the time.

For a small building it has a sense of character about it, the darker brown shutters set off the bay window and a colorful sign (sticker) above the building is fun and welcoming.

The accessories are colorful and mostly durable, though the paper boxes are known to collapse after a little bit of use, even in the hands of careful kids.

All of the included pieces are made with the hard plastic we have become accustomed to with Calico Critters and will last for many years of interest.

What Others Are Saying About The Preschool

  • “Such a cute playset. Lots of accessories included. A great starter set if your child is just discovering Calico Critters.”
  • “My granddaughter was fortunate to receive the Calico Critters that her own Mom had as a child. Obviously they are well made to last 30 years! For Christmas we added the Preschool, Grandparents and another Kitty family.”
  • “High quality, lots of fun for little kids.
    It is however a good idea if children are under 5 yrs for parents open the package and place stickers and assemble the tiny boxes as they are difficult to fold.”

Calico Critters Preschool Overview

Our Rating:
A good starter set as it comes with four figures and a small building. Consider pairing it with a larger starter set such as the Cozy Cottage for extra play.

Size: Small building but big enough to contain the accompanying accessories while allowing room for extra play.

Design: Good open-plan style and open back so kids can add more elements to the area out the back which can become an extended classroom or playgound. Everything is well designed and fits well with the overall theme. The toddler figures are adorable.

Durability: The building and piano is made from a sturdy and very solid plastic so will last for years while the paper boxes and books will not stand the test of time.

Overall everything is well made but small pieces should be kept away from children aged three and under.

Where To Find It: We recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer a great service and free shipping on this item.

You can access the rest of the house reviews via our Calico Critters Home Reviews page.

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