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Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set

2010 August 8

The Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Set, also known as the Sylvanian Families Rose Cottage is a small two level cottage, which comes with one figure and some furniture.

It is an affordable entry point for parents wishing to introduce this wonderful line to children as it comes as a self-contained whole-with a figure and furniture so kids can start play straight away.

Perfect Starter Set

Many of the Calico Critters houses come without either furniture or figures, this is meant to serve as a way to keep costs down and allow kids to populate their own worlds.

However this approach can also be daunting for parents who want to buy Calico Critters for their family but want to start small. Enter the Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Set.

The house itself measures 12.8 x 11.2 x 8.5 inches and weighs 3.7 pounds. It is small enough to tuck away in a corner or cupboard after play but large enough to accommodate furniture and enable play.

It is obviously not the biggest of the Calico Critters range and if you are ready to make a larger commitment or if your kids are already thoroughly excited about playing with these little toys then you may be best to look at one of the larger houses, the Treehouse or the Manor.

But for those of you who have an interest based on the Calico Critters’ reputation, this may be the best first step or present for a young friend.

A Cozy House and More

The Calico Critters Cozy Cottage is a cute, classic style cottage with two open-plan levels, a dormer window on the upper floor and shutter windows on the lower floors, all of which can be opened.

The open plan allows kids to access the figures and furniture easily and to play with them within the two level environment.

The front door opens to let Bell Hopscotch Rabbit come inside at the lower level and there is a ladder that can be moved around to provide various points of access to the upper floor.

The Cozy Cottage Starter set comes with a fun and practical selection of accessories that really add to this set.

The range of pieces is good, the essential elements of home life are represented without becoming too overwhelming and creating a headache of where to put everything and keeping track of numerous minute pieces.

Kids can play with the stove and the pots, pans food accessories, serve up food at the table and then retire to the upper level to sleep.

A complete list of the accessories included with the house:

  • Bell Hopscotch Rabbit Figure
  • Kitchen counter with sink
  • Stove including pans, food and more
  • Round kitchen table and chairs
  • Twin bed with matching covers
  • Moveable ladder

This is enough to help any child access their imagination and they can use the house and figure by themselves, with toys they already have or with any other Calico Critters figures or accessories you wish to add.

The furniture fits nicely into the house, there is not too much so the figure can still move around and play within the space. The back of the house is open too, so kids can make an environment behind the house and incorporate it in to their play.

What Other Parents Are Saying

The Cozy Cottage Starter Set has received positive reviews from kids and parents who like the low price point and it’s durability.

Here are just a few of the comments people have made:

  • “This is a great little house! Would be perfect for a first time buyer. Love the fact that you get a free figure normally a rabbit and a table and chairs and a stove this means you can begin to play straight away.”
  • “The door and windows open and although the play space inside the house is relatively small, my four year old has added a sofa, a toilet and a bed to her house…”
  • “These toys are extremely sturdy and solid feeling. Nothing flimsy about this house, and I would say that it’s good value for money and that it encourages lots of traditional imaginative play that is so good for children.”
  • “My granddaughter absolutely loves it and, unlike so many toys, you can buy lots of ‘extras’, moving onto the larger houses and accessories as the child grows. She and I are happy to recommend this item to you.”

Cozy Cottage Overview

Our Rating:

Size: One of the more compact houses in the series this is the perfect starter set if you don’t want to invest too much before knowing if your kids will play well with the Calico Critters theme.

If you already have another house it provides a way to grow your child’s collection easily.

Style: It is a simple cottage style with dormer windows and two open plan levels. Great for filling with furniture or leaving relatively empty for play.

Durability: Not much can go wrong here. The house is as durable as other houses in the range, which is to say it will last for years. In terms of your child’s interest level it is simple and versatile enough to be played with in a number of ways with your child’s existing figures or new ones. The added accessories really add to the playability of this set right out of the box, nothing needs to be added if you don’t want to.

Where To Find It: We recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer a great service and free shipping on this large item.

You can access the rest of the house reviews via our Calico Critters Home Reviews page.

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  1. J. K. Lemons permalink
    January 24, 2010


    I opened the box up and inspected the house because I wanted to be absolutely sure my granddaughters ages 3 and 5 would be able to play with it safely before I put the package under the tree. The high quality was a pleasant suprise. The girls began to play with it right away, and continued for at least 3 hours. Their mom has since reported that the girls love it and play with it often.

  2. Patricia A. Barry permalink
    February 1, 2010


    This is a great fun toy that will grow with my 3 year old. It is a good size and the critters that go with it are really fun especially since you can change their outfits. Also I feel it must be super durable because my 16 month old has gotten a hold of it a few times (there are bits that ofcourse are too small for under 3’s so we have put them away until he will be old enough). But he has banged the other furniture around so that we have taken it away, but it has not broken. Now he has had a hold of my cell phone and broken that into bits, but not this toy with it’s miniature furniture! I feel good that my 3 year old loves playing with this toy! Its wholesome.

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