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Calico Critters Convertible Coupe

2010 August 20

The Calico Critters Convertible Coupe, also known as the Sylvanian Families Family Car is the main way that the Calico Critters travel around Cloverleaf Corner.

An open style coupe in a striking dark green, this reliable family car seats four Calico Critters family members and has booster seats to allow any of the family babies to be strapped in safely as well, bringing the total up to six passengers.

Traveling In Style

There are very few vehicles in the current Calico Critters range and while fans in the UK and Australia have boats, wagons and motorbikes to choose from, the Calico Critters Convertible Coupe is invariably one of the most popular items in both Sylvanian Families and Calico Critters range.

It is a simple idea, to allow these incredibly cute characters to travel, but for a young child it opens up many more play opportunities.

While a house can provide a home base for characters and accessories to be stored and interact, a vehicle allows them to branch out an interact with other areas of your child’s home.

Places that seemed mundane before now take on new perspectives.

The bathroom now becomes a beach-side resort while the outdoors is a trip to the forest that can be enjoyed from the comfort of an open topped car.

Fun Action Features

First lets start with the basics.

The Calico Critters Convertible Coupe has wheels that can roll so there is no mistaking it for one of those toys that looks cute but is useless.

The wheels are sturdy and fully functional. Pushing the car results in the critters having a fast and furious ride.

As mentioned earlier there is room for six figures, providing two of those figures are babies.

The car comes with 2 baby seats that clip onto the back of the two front seats and the babies get held in by the safety straps.

Its nice to see this additional attention to safety.

Many toy cars come without relevant safety equipment but, as with most items in the Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families range, the designers are aware that kids who like to play with these toys pay attention to the way things work in the real world and enjoy their highly detailed features.

The car also comes with a case/picnic basket/hamper which fits onto the back of the car.

It is empty but there is room inside and it is perfect for carrying picnic items or clothes for holidays.

There is also a gorgeous caravan (sold separately) that can be attached to the back of the car and can be towed along behind for extra adventures. 

Attention to detail is a refreshing change with Calico Critters!

What Others Are Saying About The Coupe

  • “With a six year old daughter with a fantastic imagination and a love of Calico Critters/Sylvanian families I simply could not go wrong with this purchase.”
  • “A solid, durable toy that I’m sure will lasts for a long time. My niece loves it – another great Calico Critters/Sylvanian families toy! “
  • “It seems very hard wearing and reminds me of a family car we had in the olden days, so it brings happy memories to me (I play with it too, of course!)”
  • “With a six year old daughter with a fantastic imagination and a love of Calico Critters/Sylvanian families I simply could not go wrong with this purchase. “

Convertible Coupe Overview

Our Rating:

Size: Perfect size for small hands to play and manipulate.

Inside the car there is enough room for up to six figures to sit comfortably as well as luggage.

Having the ability to attach the caravan is very cool and opens up the opportunities for a wider variety of play.

Style: Fantastic Style. Fits the theme perfectly and the open top design allows for a great use of space.

Durability: No complaints about the car in this respect. I would expect it to last a long time.

Where To Find It: We recommend purchasing from Amazon because they offer a great service and free shipping on this item.


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  1. Kathryn Rivera permalink
    August 20, 2010


    This Calico Critters Station Wagon is sturdy and holds lots of critters. Any Critters fan will love it. At $49 it is a bit pricey however.

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