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Calico Critters Carry Case

2011 May 17
by Mother Bear

Woodsey Squirrel House

I have always been enchanted with toy houses that kids can carry which lead me to the Calico Critters Carry Case but first a little background.

Carry House

There is something to be said for compact toys that children can carry.

As a child I used to have a toy that was essentially a log which opened up and inside were a family of squirrels (which squeaked when you squeezed them) and some basic furniture.

The set also came with a book which named all the family members and provided a little context to the toy.

After searching on the internet I discovered it was called the Woodsey Squirrel House and a whole host of memories (and emotions-I am a softie!) came flooding back.

I used to carry that set around everywhere and because it was small and came with a handle it was easily transportable around the house, garden and on trips away.

The fact that it was so light and small but was the essence of a home to me meant that I had more adventures and created more memorable moments with that set than with the large dollhouse that sat forever in my room. The larger dollhouse was like a “home base” but my portable set was my travelling adventure home.

Calico Critters Carry Case

Calico Critters Carry Case

Calico Critters Carry Case

In Calico Critter world there are any number of large houses that children can keep in their room but only one they can carry around with them.

The Calico Critters Carry Case is a wonderful way for kids to move their critters around safely but also provides opportunities for them to play as the case doubles as a house.

The inside of the case is decorated like a country style home with bathroom, stairs, kitchen and bedroom printed on the walls. The two “floors” of the house make spaces for two separate”rooms”.

The lower floor houses three drawers that can be used to store the critters and any accessories children would like to carry with them (and we know there are lots to choose from with Calico Critters!).

You can also remove the drawers completely.

A section at the front of the case folds out to become a floor with wooden panelling print and a beautifully drawn rug, effectively enlarging the available play area.

The whole thing measures 12.25″ x 12.25″ x 4.75″ and can be carried easily by a young child using the handle at the top. While it is made from firm cardboard this is a very durable case and with care will last for years.

As a child this is something I would have loved to keep my little friends close on trips in the car or even out to the patio and it would be wonderful if there were more mobile options like this in the Calico Critters range.

You can read reviews of the Carry Case at Amazon.

Calico Critters Carry Case Inside

Calico Critters Carry Case Inside

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  1. Jen permalink
    July 21, 2011

    Hi! I found your site looking into Calico Critters (my two year old just discovered them, and I feel ill-equipped). My heart just jumped into my throat, however, b/c I also had that Woodsy Squirrel Family. I ADORED it, and had forgotten all about it. 🙂

  2. admin permalink
    July 22, 2011

    Hi Jen
    It’s amazing how much emotion the Critters bring out in us parents :0)
    I didn’t have the Critters as a child but for some reason when I see my daughter playing with them I just can’t resist-they are so cute!

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