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Calico Critters Caravan Review

2011 March 25
by Mother Bear

I recently bought the Calico Critters Caravan for my daughter, along with the Coupe and she has such a great time driving and parking her friends all over the house.

We can even take them outside on fine days as long as the ground is not too rough or dirty.

There are a few things we noticed about the camper that make it more delicate than other toys in the Calico Critters range but as long as your child is aware of these areas, the Caravan will provide a wonderful toy for years to come.

Lets take a closer look.

Calico Critters Caravan

Caravan Design

The Calico Critters Caravan makes a wonderful mobile home for the Critters to take a well-earned vacation in or simply enjoy their natural surroundings in comfort.

The Calico Critters Caravan is based on an older style caravan from the 1950s with round edges instead of the square modern steel caravans we are used to seeing on the road these days.

It certainly has a sense of vintage style about it and fits right in with the wholesomeness of the Calico Critters theme. Somehow it is hard to picture them getting about in a sports car towing a 4WD campervan or in a modern Winnebago!

It is a mostly sturdy vehicle with a door on the side that opens so the animals can play at stepping in and out or down onto a fold out step. The top of the caravan can lift up and the whole of the back wall opens out, allowing complete and easy access to the interior.

However, it is these play features that are a little delicate and should be used with care.

The hinges on both the roof and side opening can become detached if your child places pressure on them. So far we have had no breakages but simply need to reattach them carefully. As long as children are aware they need to be careful when the roof and side are open there should be no problems.

If the roof or side wall do become detached it is very easy for a parent to reattach them, though younger children should not try to do this as pressure in the wrong areas may cause the hinges to break.

Two skylights on the roof and numerous windows around the outside walls of the caravan make sure you can see what is going on inside and lend the caravan a light, airy feel.

Inside the caravan is fully kitted out with ingenious camping-oriented furniture and the set comes with 30 accessories which allow for even more playability.

You can see how the various play features work in the Sylvanian Families (UK version of Calico Critters) video below this review.

Calico Critters Caravan Bathroom

Inside and Accessories

Inside the caravan are a number of separate areas for the Calico Critters to live and play in.

A bathroom area comes with shower recess, sink and a toilet that folds down out of a cupboard. It is nice and roomy and kids will have no trouble fitting hands inside to play with the critters. There is nothing worse than a toy that comes with all these wonderful play features but doesn’t provide room for play-that is not the case here.

Calico Critters Caravan Kitchen

A separate dining and kitchen area includes a living room lounge, a full stove and sink area for cooking, cupboards and drawers to store the included utensils and cookware as well as a fold out ironing board (with iron) so your critters can keep their camping gear nicely pressed in on your travels.

Sleeping areas are included but not for the faint of heart.

As the roof folds up for greater access, two bunk beds fold down and brave critters can sleep up there in their included sleeping bags.

For those less inclined to sleep on the edge, the living area provides additional spaces to sleep a number of other critters, as the living room lounge folds out.

Attaching to the Calico Critters Coupe

Attaching the caravan to the family car (which is sold separately) is easy and is something that children will be able to do themselves after a little guidance.

The connection works on ball and socket mechanics. The ball at the front of the caravan fits snugly into the socket at the back of the car and while it is easy to attach and detach there is little chance the two would become separated during play.

Once the caravan is detached it can still sit level, allowing children to open it up and play inside.

Main Features:

  • Well equipped kitchen area with sink, stove, drawers, cupboards and fold-out ironing board.
  • Seating area which converts into a double bed and coffee table.
  • Two more fold out bunks pop out from the roof once it is lift up.
  • Storage compartment in the floor to store all the small accessories.
  • Towards the rear there’s a shower room with fold-down toilet and a wash-hand basin.
  • Accessories include 2 sleeping bags, kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, pretend games and maps.

What Others Are Saying…

  • “The Caravan is awesome. It’s filled with detail, the kitchen, drawers here and there, little boys room and secret compartment under the rug, oh man, I’m so excited.”
  • “I watched, and even better, listened, as my 5 (nearly 6) year-old daughter chattered away and sang to herself whilst the little families went on a lovely adventure.”
  • “We bought the Caravan for my daughters birthday. It was a complete hit with her, she’s played with it virtually everyday, and loves taking her critters on holiday.”

Caravan And Car Overview

Our Rating: 

Overall: It is well worth the price (especially with the Coupe), has character and charm and kids love taking it all over the house.

Calico Critters Caravan InsideSize: Perfect Size for small hands but large enough to be playable.
As with most Calico Critters sets there are a number of small items so keep them away from young children under the age of 3.

Style: Beautifully designed.
The vintage look of the caravan fits well into the theme and won’t become “unfashionable” because it is not part of any modern trend. The amount of play features that the designers have incorporated into the small size is impressive and yet everything works well.

Durability: Overall the Caravan is well put together and all accessories are durable.

We have a little problem with the hinges coming apart if my daughter is a little rough-they are easily reattached but need to be used with care to avoid breakages. The best bet would be to let your children know to treat the caravan gently so that no accidents happen.

Where To Find It: Amazon offer a fast and reliable service, as well as discounted prices, for the whole Calico Critters range, with FREE shipping.


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