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Calico Critters Camryn’s Country Boutique Review

2011 June 9

Calico Critters Camryn's Country BoutiqueCamryn’s Country Boutique is a small set but one that offers children the chance to play dress-ups with their Critters.

One of the things my daughter loves doing with her Calico Critters is changing their clothes and I know she is not alone, many girls and boys do like dressing their dolls (however small!) in different items of clothing.

I have often wondered why the company who makes the toys, International Playthings (or Flair) doesn’t produce a wardrobe of clothes that kids can buy separately. It would be wonderful to have a whole collection of clothes that the characters can wear, for different occasions and seasons.

I am sure this is something they have considered and we might see in the future but in the mean time there is a set that comes with a figure and a few clothes to dress her in.

Camryn’s Country Boutique

Camryn's Country Boutique ContentsCamryn’s Country Boutique comes with one figure, Camryn McKeegan, a Caramel cat (try saying that fast!) and a range of accessories:

  • Camryn McKeegan Caramel Cat
  • Three Critter-sized Books
  • Denim purse
  • A dress rack
  • Three clothes hangers
  • A floor length mirror
  • Dress, yellow top with denim skirt
  • Dress, dark blue with pink flowers and white bow
  • Dress, red and white checks

The set is small but allows children to make a shop environment where other Critters can come and choose some nice clothes to wear or where Camryn can simply select an outfit for the day.

It certainly gives kids plenty of practice in fine motor skills getting the clothes on and off the Critters as well as getting them to think about their own clothes and what to wear at different times and for different occasions.

Having this kind of set in a wholesome and low-glamor environment allows it to be practical rather than focusing completely on the superficial nature of fashion.

Highly recommended!


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