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Calico Critters 2013 Range

2013 March 11

Calico Critters 2013Over on their Facebook Page, International Playthings have shared a photos from this year’s New York Toy Fair, revealing a number of their Calico Critters 2013 range.

The 2013 Calico Critters families are:

  • Chihuahua Dog Family
  • Outback Koala Family
  • Border Collie Family
  • Hopper Kangaroo Family

Vehicles and Playsets include:

  • Adventure Treehouse
  • Lakeside Lodge Cabin
  • Burger Cafe

Outback Koala Family Calico Critters

Outback Koala Family

Product #CC1455

USD$ 22.95 (Available At Amazon)

Mother, Sheila owns her own eco-friendly shop. Father, Bruce is the leader of the Cloverleaf Corners Environmental Awareness Society. Sister, Adelaide wants to start her own eco-fashion company when she grows up.

Baby Brother, Joey is very attached to his Mother and loves playing outside.


Chihuahua Dog Family Calico CrittersChihuahua Dog Family

Product #CC1449

USD$ 22.95 (Available At Amazon)

Mother, Carmen is Cloverleaf Corners’ top wedding planner.

Father, Cesar is the best wedding photographer in town. Sister, Eva loves to read and is incredibly smart! Brother, Pablo loves playing sports, especially football.


Chihuahua Dog Twins

Product #CC1450

USD$10.95 (Available At Amazon)

Pedro spends the day playing with his toy blocks and trains. Lola loves to color with crayons and decorate her pictures with stickers and glitter.

Chihuahua Dog Twins Calico Critters

Chocolate Labrador Triplets

Product #CC1452

USD$ 12.95 (Available At Amazon)

Dylan is energetic and loves to jump around all day. Helena loves to sing! Her family wakes up to her singing a new song each morning. Piper Jane is always smiling and happy. She is very fun to be around and she always tries to make you laugh.

Chocolate Labrador Triplets Calico Critters

Oinks Pig Triplets

Product #CC1453

USD$ 12.95 (Available At Amazon)

Marcus is very active and loves to run around and play outside all day. Rosie loves to help her mother bake yummy treats. Lisa loves playing with jigsaw puzzles!

Oinks Pig Triplets Calico Critters


Melissa & Melody’s Baby Bath Time Calico Critters

Melissa & Melody’s Baby Bath Time

Product #CC1448

USD$ 21.95 (Available At Amazon)

Bath time is always super fun!

Includes Sunshine Bears Melissa & Melody, bath tub, changing table, laundry basket, pajamas with matching head wrap, rinse cup, rubber ducky, bear bottle of body wash, bear bottle of shampoo, bottle of Lotion, container of powder, wash cloth with hand strap, sponge, towel, and bath rug.

Ice Cream Truck Calico CrittersIce Cream Truck

Product #CC1447

USD$ 34.95 (Available At Amazon)

Calico Critter families love when the Ice Cream Truck rolls into town!

Includes soft serve ice cream machine, 2 ice cream cone holders, 3 scoops of ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate), 3 waffle cups, 2 waffle bowls, 3 servings of soft ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, vanilla/chocolate mix), 3 waffle cones with 1 scoop of ice cream (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate), 1 waffle cone with 2 scoops of ice cream (chocolate & vanilla), ice cream scooper, 2 spoons, ice cream menu, and decorative stickers.

Truck measures 5.5″ x 10.5″ x 5.5″.

Burger Café Calico CrittersBurger Café

Product #CC2680

USD$ 59.95 (Available At Amazon)

Best place to enjoy a delicious meal with the family and catch up with friends! Includes kitchen counter with skillet, counter with fries tray, ordering counter, 2 tables, 6 chairs, 6 trays, cash register, fountain drink dispenser, 4 cups, 4 cup tops, 5 burgers, 4 packs of fries, 4 cartons for fries, fries scooper, lettuce/tomato, burger patty, 2 burger buns, burger stick, salt shaker, spatula, bag of food, step stool for drive-thru window, visor, 6 napkins, menu, café awning, café sign, engraved welcome sign, easel back sign, and decorative stickers.

Burger Cafe measures 11″ x 8.5″ x 6″.

Adventure Tree House Calico CrittersAdventure Tree House

Product #CC1444

USD$ 69.95 (Available At Amazon)

Critters have tons of fun playing in the tree house! Features cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, and pulley!

Also includes tree trunk & grass base, 2 tree branches, tree stem for pulley, 2 railings, and 2 ladders.

Adventure Tree House measures 13″ x 11.5″ x 15″.


Lakeside Lodge

Lakeside Lodge Calico CrittersProduct #CC1456

USD$ 59.95 (Available At Amazon)

Critter Families love to relax and unwind at the beautiful Lakeside Lodge. With so many entertaining and exciting features, the fun never ends!

Includes sun deck & hot tub, hot tub cover with shower head & knobs, 2 hammocks, ladder, 3 hot tub railings, and 5 balcony railings.

Lodge measures 14″ x 7.5″ x 11″.

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